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Looking for a Security Intelligence and Analytics Specialist

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The Security Intelligence and Analytics Specialist is responsible for gathering data from various sources and performing analysis to produce intelligence information that can be used to assess an adverse effect on the Corporation. The incumbent must not only be technically proficient but also must have an understanding of business models and financial processes.

Responsibilities required include:

- Understand and advise on the current cyber crime and technology trends that could have an adverse effect on the company.

- Identify and provide counter measures for technical system attacks such as DDOS, unauthorized penetration and database compromises.

- Provide analysis and provide counter measures for technical fraud techniques such as phishing, malware, 419, and spoofing

- Understand and investigate traditional fraud techniques such as pump and dump and ACH wire fraud schemes.

- Create scripts and have the ability to manipulate large amounts of data as well as being able to present the data in a clear and concise format.

- Design metric reports and graphs to present to upper management.

- Critique client based security issues such as cross-site scripting, SQL injections, crimeware, man in the browser, and malware.

- Evaluate malicious code, emails, malware and websites for security related vulnerabilities.

- Research internet based threats such as DDS, botnets, and fast flux networks to be able to provide analysis for attacks specific to ETRADE.

- Create solutions for business level threats that are based on technology vulnerabilities.

- Generate well written and technically accurate reports and graphs that reveal trends

- Provide link analysis given small or limited amounts of data.

Minimum Professional and Technical Skills:
- Proficient knowledge of financial based organizations, including both banking and brokerage operations.

- Proficient knowledge of domestic and international laws and regulations governing customer privacy and confidentiality.

- Understanding of technology/tools for the purpose of managing data.

- Analytical skills, including the ability to provide link analysis of complex or loosely coupled events.

- Proficient knowledge of e-commerce and the various methods to move of funds within, and between, financial firms.

- Ability to establish relationships and work with other departments within the company that rely on intelligence information

- Strong organization and communication skills.

- Minimum Education, Certification, Training:

  • - Minimum four year MIS, Computer Science, or business degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience required.

    - Five years full time technology experience

    - Two years security experience.

    - Formal training in one or more security or fraud-related disciplines.

    - CISSP, CISM, CEH, or CCNA Certification preferred.