Post Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:41 am

Ping based email server!

Hi All,
            I just created a very small project containing just two scripts (as of now)

            The details are as follows:


To have a python script listening at a website say This script listens to ping requests and validates them. The IP payload has message, source email id, destination email id etc embedded inside, which can be delivered from one machine to another

Messages are sent using scapy script which creates the messages

So to send an email, all one has to do is:

1. register

send a specific request embedded inside the payload section of the IP+ICMP packet and ping it to

The validation section (not yet written) will validate this request and create a folder and do the necessary needful

2. authenticate and send messages

create a packet which contains base64 encoded authentication/ openssl encrypted <authentication string + source + destination + message> and make it part of the payload section of IP+ICMP packet and ping it to

A working proof of concept (not sure about this too, just tested on a single machine as of now), has been uploaded into:

Hope the idea is good enough

Request you to please have a look at the 2 scripts uploaded

Suchindra Chandrahas