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Rainbow Tables

I've read a few tutorials on rainbow tables...and I get the basic fundamental concept of how they work.  My question is...if you're doing some pen testing and you uncover some administrator accounts where you're able to obtain the first seven characters of the password but not the rest of it...is there a way to start a rainbow table cracking job where you can ultimately say "I have the first seven characters, so take this hash and only crack from character space 8 to 10"?

I'm simply trying to squeeze out the other few so I can make some best guesses, if I'm using just a simple alpha numeric table.  I wasn't sure if you can tell a cracker to only crack from this character space to this...if you already have a portion of it.


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Re: Rainbow Tables

Thats really weird because typically the last half of the password is cracked first, not the first half.

If your only using an alphanum table and just the first half is cracked then most likely the second half has a special character(s), alt-xxx, or is non-existent. You will need to create a bigger table with more character space using rtgen or winrtgen. Or you could always take your luck on torrent.

If there is a way to just crack the second DES hash, individually I don't know how. In theory you should be able to, but your best bet is to talk to ChrisG, he prolly knows.

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