"virtual" jobs?




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"virtual" jobs?

Hi. Anyone ever come across so-called "virtual" jobs. Meaning security jobs where you would basically work from home.
I ask because I am from a smaller city and security-related jobs are scarce. Also, I have about 10 years experience in the IT field, just not specific security experience. I am also looking for a way to gain that experience.


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Re: "virtual" jobs?

Well I think there are.

I once received a mail regarding an opening as an Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester where I have to be present in the office only once in a week (or was it month - I don't remember exactly). It was more of an offline mode of working. But that doesn't mean I can be in an offline mode partying around.

The opening was more about being responsible for the security posture rather than working 8 or 9 hours a day on some pre-assigned jobs. So I think such job openings do exists.
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Re: "virtual" jobs?

In a previous role for a very large global organisation I worked from home full time 100% for two years.

Thats the advantage of technology :)

I think personally it would be very difficult to do this from the start, as person to person interaction is an important part in establishing relationships, trust and respect from your co workers.
However the use of IM, Telco's and Video conferencing makes the more an more possible to operate a virtual work force.

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