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Keynote Topics Released

In addition to the boot camps during the first 5 days of ChicagoCon 2008f, we have a few special guests:

Ed Skoudis
SANS, Intelguardians
The Bad Guys Are Winning: So Now What?

Gregory Conti
West Point, Author of "Security Data Visualization"
Evil Interfaces: Violating the User

Daniel V. Hoffman
CTO SMobile Systems, EH-Net Columnist
Smartphones Aren't Currently Being Exploited - And the Titantic is Unsinkable

... and to open the 2-Day Ethical Hacking Conference on Oct 31 - Nov 1...

Billy Rios
John Walton

Microsoft Pen Testers (Blue Hat)
Mischievous Eyes and Malicious Mindsets

Details of each talk and bios of the keynoters can be found here:

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