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PaulDotCom Does PodCast Duties for ChicagoCon 2008f

Many thanks to Paul and Larry for agreeing to be part of the next ChicagoCon. They will be doing podcast interviews with the keynoters and presenters as well as hosting the content. Since they also believe in making the content freely available (as are all of their podcasts), it clearly fits into our philosophy of providing great content for all to enjoy.

ChicagoCon will continue to provide the audio and slide decks of the actual presentations in addition to the PaulDotCom Interviews.

For those of you unfamiliar with the PaulDotCom Security Weekly PodCast:


PaulDotCom Security Weekly's mission is to provide free content within the subject matter of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research. We strive to use new technologies to reach a wider audience across the globe to teach people how to grow, learn, and be security ninjas. The mixture of technical content and entertainment will continue to set a new standard for podcasting and Internet TV.

I highly recommend them. In fact, try downloading them to a USB Key and bide your time during the commutes or other high traffic times. Great use of your time!

Look for more details soon,
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