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Nmap 4.68 Released

I'm a little late on this one, but better late than never.

From Fyodor:

Hi All. I'm happy to report that there have been several stable Nmap
releases since I mailed you about Nmap 4.60 in March. The latest
version is 4.68, and I think you'll like it (unless you still use
Win2K, which can be problematic due to IPv6 issues that we hope to
resolve in the next release). Before I give you the full list of 125
improvements, I'll start with a few highlights:

o Added a new --min-rate option that allows specifying a minimum rate
  at which to send packets. This allows you to override Nmap's
  congestion control algorithms and request that Nmap try to keep at
  least the rate you specify. The rate is given in packets per
  second. Read more in the Nmap man page
  ( If you use the latest
  version in the Nmap subversion repository, you'll also get a
  --max-rate option which lets you
  limit Nmap's packet rate (and thus bandwidth used).

o Mac OS X binary packages for Zenmap+Nmap are now available, as I
  mentioned in the previous mail.

o The Windows version of Nmap now supports OpenSSL just as the UNIX
  versions have for years. Both the .zip and executable installer
  binary packages we ship from the Nmap download page now include

o We now compile in IPv6 support on Windows. In order to use this,
  you need to have IPv6 set up. It is installed by default on Vista,
  but must be downloaded from Microsoft for XP. See ... v6faq.mspx . This
  feature causes Nmap to no longer work on Windows 2000, but we hope to
  fix that in the next release.

o Tons of new version detection signatures and OS detection
  fingerprints have been added. Version 4.68 has reached more than
  5,000 version detection signatures, and the latest subversion
  version of Nmap has more than 1,500 2nd generation OS detection
  fingerprints. We were only able to do this because so many of you
  submit updates and corrections when Nmap guesses wrong or provides a
  fingerprint and URL for submission on our site. Please keep those
  submissions coming! We receive far more fingerprint submissions
  than correction notices -- please do remember to submit a correction
  when Nmap guesses wrong, as described at .

o Nmap now supports 64-bit versions of Windows.

o We added advanced search functionality (and dozens of other
  improvements) to the Zenamp GUI. You can now locate previous scans
  using criteria such as which ports were open, keywords in the target
  names, OS detection results. etc. Try it out with Ctrl-F or
  "Tools->Search Scan Results"

o Fixed an integer overflow which prevented a target specification of
  "*.*.*.*" from working. Support for the CIDR /0 is now also
  available for those times you wish to scan the entire Internet.

o Made many performance enhancements, and also fixed many errors
  which could lead to crashes in Nmap or Zenmap. See the big list below
  for details.

You can obtain Nmap 4.68 from the normal location:

Please give it a try! And if you encounter any problems, report them
to nmap-dev as described at

I've included the detailed list of changes between 4.60 and 4.68
below. Or you can read it at . The
URL version also includes the post-4.68 changes which you get if you
use the svn version.