Post Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:41 pm

Forum Restructuring

Hey All,

The term "Ethical Hacking" has now taken on a more generic meaning. In order to better reflect the growing industry of Ethical Hacking and its growing subsets, I have modified the structure of the forums as such:

- The main board for discussing technical topics is no longer named General Discussions. It is now Ethical Hacking Discussions and Related Certifications.
- The Ethical Hacking board is now the Network Pen Testing board.
- New boards include Social Engineering, Web Applications and Wireless.

I think this not only better reflects the current and future direction of the industry, but it also splits the topics along accepted lines for more directed and focused discussions. Hope you agree. As always, please send your feedback.

It may take some time to move topics from their old boards to the new ones, but give us time. Feel free to move your topics to help the process.

Thanks all,