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Information Security Day 2008

Information Security Day 2008
August 7, 2008

This global day of awareness is coordinated by EH-Net friend Manu Zacharia. All great events start as an idea, and I am happy to help get this one noticed. I know what I'll be doing on this day... having a beer with security professionals in Vegas. We'll be sure to raise a glass. What can you do to help?

Protection of information assets and the technology resources that support the business enterprise is very critical to the functioning of any business organization. Information System assets are always at risk from potential threats such as malicious or criminal actions, employee error, system failure, natural disaster, and lack of proper security infrastructure. Such events and situations could result in the damage to or loss of information resources, corruption or loss of data integrity, interruption business continuity, or compromise to confidentiality or privacy of end users of the information systems.

Information Security Day was started to spread the awareness of information security issues. Information Security, also known as Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) deals with the different aspects of information and its protection. Information Security Day aims at reducing the risk associated with the information systems by increasing the awareness of user community. The INFOSec Day aims at increasing the awareness in the following areas:

>> Understanding the various information system components
>> Security Management Principles
>> Risk Assessment, Sensitivity and Criticality
>> Disaster Recover and Emergency Procedures
>> Logical Security
>> Physical Security
>> Managerial Security Measures

The annual event is held around the world on the first thursday of August every year. If a local holiday co-incides with the Information Security Day, you can always re-arrage the date for your convenience.