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Gaining Experience / Volunteering / Etc?

Hiya.  I've been working in IT for about 10 years and running my own small consulting firm for about 5 of those years.  I started increasing my focus on Security and Security Tools about a year ago.  Last fall I took SANS 401GSEC. 

The problem I am up against now is getting some valuable real world experience.  Running my own company has many advantages, unfortunately working in a team of people is not one of them.  So I am put in a strange position where I have some rudimentary skills and understanding of tools and technics, but no one to learn from and not too many situations to apply.  I can run some test environments at home and with a client, but I really would like to get some honest-to-god hands on experience with Pen Testing as well as some intrustion detection, forensics, etc. 

Can anyone recommend a place that maybe handles interns or volunteer positions where I could learn from someone or someones doing this stuff for real and in the field?  I am pretty busy with my clients and other business stuff, but I would LOVE to make time for a few (3-5, possibly more if absolutely necessary) hours a week working with someone or someones and really using some of these skills I have.

I'm in Chicago and would prefer to do this somewhere in Chicago, though I would consider travelling to the suburbs if the match is right.

Any help is very much appreciated!
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