Post Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:00 pm

SpiceWorks 3.0 Now Available

Spiceworks 3.0
Your Network Management Tool for Everything IT

About SpiceWorks:

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started. No agents. No scripts. No manual. No hassles. Just download Spiceworks and go.

And, Spiceworks is really free. No trials. No time or device limits. Simply free. Even free support. All thanks to sponsorships by top technology vendors.

About Version 3:

Spiceworks 3.0 is everything you need to make your IT day a breeze! The first thing you'll notice about 3.0 is a slick new interface that allows you to cruise through Spiceworks in style.

Add to that performance improvements and a bunch of cool new features, and Spiceworks 3.0 makes network troubleshooting, PC inventory, network monitoring and running a help desk easier - and cooler looking - than ever!



New Features include:

- Up to 40% Faster Response Times
- More Devices Detected & Classified
- Monitor Your Microsoft Exchange Server
- Centralize Your IT Tools in One Place
- Organize Your Assets Your Way
- Track Your IT Services
- Compare IT Services with Other IT Pros
- Share Reports with Other IT Pros
- Schedule an Automatic Backup
- More Secure Help Desk Portal Log-in
- Fully Customize Your Help Desk Tickets
- Glide Through Your Network (Mac-like way of viewing your network)
- And so much more! Including 1,200 Bug Fixes

Look for EH-Net Colunmist, Rich Marsh, to get back on the horse with a few new columns including a review of this new version. In the meantime, go take a look for yourself:

Or to start right away, just signup & download: