how to edit .dll file



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how to edit .dll file

Hi all my cousin's laptop has been affected my a virus that hides all folders and software on his pc also it has disabled the folder option in windows.

i tried to open it to rewrite the code. and this is what i found
Attrib +H c:\
attrib +H d:\
attrib +H z:\

i restored the floder option in the control panel but could not restore that of tools menu

on detail check  i realzised it has edited the shell32.dll file

now can somebody help me with a tool i can use to edit the .dll file

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Re: how to edit .dll file

Why go through all the trouble?
Easiest solution is to reinstall the OS.

Also, since it sounds like a Windows PC, have you tried a system restore or booting in safe mode?
There's a chance that you could get around the virus with either of those.
Then you can run antivirus software and sigverif.exe to check a lot of the Windows DLLs.
If you have the Windows install disc, you can replace any infected DLLs and programs from the i386 folder on the disc.

Hope that helps.
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Re: how to edit .dll file

Merge the following two files, in the attached archive, into your registry (by just double clicking on 'em) then reboot and your problem will be solved. Don't forget to backup your registry before doing this.
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