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Next Step...


First of all I'll introduce myself. I'm from Brazil, 23yrs, Working with security since 2003, I don't have much certifications just ISS-CA (IPS,IDS,MTF...). Already did EHT web Application jobs, Policy Tunning, Vulnerability Analysis and so other security jobs
My Further step:

- Focus in Pentest and EHT

This forum is great, I'd already seen some posts, and I already schedule one of the 3 certifications I want to take, so the tests are:

- CISSP (16/10/2008)
- CEH    (No data yet | I will buy the selfstudy product )

What do you guys think, do I need to change any certificate?


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Re: Next Step...

Welcome to EH Net!  ;D 

Looks like you have a good certification track planned out.  It actually looks just like mine, LOL!  So far it seems to be working for me, hopefully it will work well for you also.  Good luck on your CISSP!


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Re: Next Step...

Xuxones wrote:- CEH    (No data yet | I will buy the selfstudy product )

I did the CEH self study. I had no problems with it, and it was my first step in the world of hacking (NO hacking/pentesting experience before that). Just got started on the ECSA self study. ;D

Good luck on the CISSP! I know it's still going to be a while, but let us know how it goes!
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