Post Thu May 08, 2008 9:43 am

Free Webcast: Penetration Testing, The Next Security Testing Standard

Haven't watched this myself, but looks interesting enough to share.

Core Security Technologies invites you to tune into a new on-demand webcast featuring renowned security testing expert Victor R. Garza, senior contributing editor with InfoWorld:

"Penetration Testing, The Next Security Testing Standard” -- available free online beginning today at ... stdemand13

Based on his years of independent consulting and editorial reporting, Garza outlines the need for organizations to utilize penetration testing to gain visibility into their network, web application and end-user security postures – and to generate key data for addressing their most pressing IT risks.

Among the points highlighted by the expert during the program are:

*Why penetration testing has emerged as a security testing standard
*Where penetration testing fits into the vulnerability management process and why it is so critical to your enterprise
*What results you can expect from a penetration test
*When you should conduct penetration tests
*How to decide between in-house, product-based testing and outsourced services

This webcast is ideal for everyone from hands-on security professionals looking for ways to better promote penetration testing to colleagues, to C-level executives wondering how real-world security assessment is crucial to the proactive defense of an organization’s information assets.

The broadcast also includes input from Core Security experts about how CORE IMPACT helps IT security departments perform ongoing, automated pen testing to stay ahead of their organizations’ most pressing security and compliance issues.