firewall help!!




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firewall help!!

Can we get a tutorial here about fooling firewalls!!
what are the process actually works to bypass any firewall and how to resolve those issues???can we have a tutorial about those technologies,then it will be a interesting topic about Firewall security!!


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Re: firewall help!!


do you have any specifics in mind?
How do you want to fool the firewall?
  • Spoofed source?
  • connect through port tunnel?
  • ...?

for testing firewall configs try firewalk[er?] or create the required packets for using hping[2].

What exactly are you trying to achieve?


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Re: firewall help!!

Remember there is a lot stuff on this forum so dont forget to use the search function. Here is a post I made about a few ideas a while back: ... ic,1436.0/
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