Good CEH practice tests?




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Good CEH practice tests?

I'm curious if anyone knows of any good practice tests for the C|EH? I think I'm pretty close to being ready for the test, but I want to make sure before handing over $250 and taking out the time for the test.

I've taken the test in the book Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep By Michael Gregg and scored 88%, but I found there were several errors in that test.

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Re: Good CEH practice tests?

I can't comment on any other self test software but I used the same book that you mentioned above as well as the C|EH Review guide by Kimberley Graves as well as other books on security and for practice tests I used Boson: http://www.boson.com/Product/131.html $50
The Boson self test is good and I'd say worth buying but what helped me most for the exam was reading my study notes and playing around with the tools mentioned in the books - gaining hands on experience helped loads.

Good luck!
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