Need help with music (rar files)




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Need help with music (rar files)

I have been using the jimmyj search to find albums of music off google etc...but when i dl the albums they are encrypted and i need a password to open them and be able to listen to my music

i have been looking for a rar recovery password tool that is free but i cant find anything...

can anyone help me out? thx for any help!

not sure if this is right place to post, feel free to flame - im a newbie =/


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Re: Need help with music (rar files)

since you already said "Feel free to flame" then ok here it goes.

copy righted music are illegal, and you certainly can't just ask for someone to crack a password for you no matter what, even if it was the password  for the RAR files that has your own files and you've forget the pass, sorry but that is out of the question here.

who knows it may be just another kind of "Social Engineering"

there is a lot of topics that has been locked because of questions like this.

please read the rules for this forum.

Peace out.


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Re: Need help with music (rar files)

this is Ethical Hacker Network. you will not get any help here to do anything illegal.
Pay for your music.
-Oh yeah, don might just lock your topic.
In my eyes, your operating system is as solid as swiss cheese.

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