Post Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:01 pm

Ethical Hacking Conference Only Tickets Now Available for EH-Net Members Only!

The Ethical Hacking Conference Only Tickets for ChicagoCon 2008s will be available next Monday April 7 to coincide with a press release by our Premier Training Partner, Training Camp. Each ticket is $100 and includes admission to all of the events from Friday May 16 at 2:00 PM through the entire day on Saturday May 17. At least one meal will also be included... but for only $100, don't expect a T-Bone.

We are only selling 200 tickets to the general public, but I wanted to be sure that EH-Net members get first crack. So if you would like for me to reserve a ticket for you, please PM me (which can only be done if you are a member of EH-Net  ;) ), and I will email you a PayPal link to purchase your ticket. If you would like multiple tickets, please include that in your request.

First Come, First Served!!

We purposely have a small venue as well as fire codes with which to comply, so once the 200 tickets are gone... that's it.

See you all in the Windy City,