Post Sat Mar 25, 2006 5:17 pm

IBM Linux Professional Institute (LPI) exam prep.

Well I nearly posted this in the tutorials forum, but after a bit of thought I think it fits better here. Don if you think otherwise feel free to move it.

I've just stumbled upon a great resource for all those wanting to do the LPIC exams 117-101, 117-102, 117-201 and 117-202. IBM developerWorks has a series of free exam prep tutorials. They are divided by topics according to the courseware and each topic is "weighted" so that you know where LPI put the emphasis in the exams.

This seems to be a very new resource as the 117-101 and 117-201 topics are ready, while some of the 117-102 topics are labled "Coming in early 2006" while some of the 117-202 topics are labled "Coming soon".

To gain access you have to register for free.

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