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Top Cyberlaw Developments of 2007

Interesting reading on InformIT by Eric Goldman, Assistant Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law and Director of the school's High Tech Law Institute.

2007 didn't see many Cyberlaw bombshells, but there were still some noteworthy legal developments. Eric Goldman looked back through the year's developments and came up with his list of the top 10 Cyberlaw developments of 2007.

2007 was a relatively quiet Cyberlaw year. We didn't have any sweeping Congressional reforms or US Supreme Court decisions, and many potentially interesting Cyberlaw situations settled (such as AFP v. Google), are pending (such as the Google Book Search cases or some of the lawsuits discussed below) or simply fizzled out (such as Congressional anti-spyware (1, 2) or Net Neutrality regulation; plus my choices for the top 2 Cyberlaw developments below). These lack-of-developments once again left the Ninth Circuit as a leading source of new Cyberlaw developments, but that's hardly good news. The Ninth Circuit Cyberlaw jurisprudence continues to show radical differences between the Ninth Circuit judges, leading to significant inconsistencies in Ninth Circuit jurisprudence depending on which judges are empaneled.

Before he gets into his Top 10, he lists some honorable mentions. There is also a link at the end of the article for his picks for 2006. Gotta love a litigious society.  ::)

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