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As mentioned in another post on CPTE news, many have questions on CPTS and the future of the cert. So I did some sleuthing on my own, and this is what I found:

1. I updated the exam details for CPTS in the Ethical Hacking Certifications Category.
2. Version 2 of the CPTS Program will be coming out sometime this year. And I do mean Program not specifically the exam. V2 will add the requirements of a practical exam (take home as opposed to CPTE which is an in-person pen test in front of an expert) and continuing education credits.
3. Reasons: They want to maintain not only the lead they currently have over CEH as far as keeping up-to-date with current technologies and methods, but they also want to make the credential more viable in the long term.

Hope this sheds some light on Mile2 and their thoughts on the future of their pen testing certs.

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