what is the benefit of ec-council LPT certification




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what is the benefit of ec-council LPT certification

hi all  i want to know what is the benefit of getting the LPT certification by EC-COUNCIL. i mean is there  a demand for LPT certified professionals in the market.

i have hardly seen one,.

does EC-COUNCIL provides the LPT professionals with projects and assignments to work on.

i couldn;t find any info on that on their website.

can someone share any knowledge they have abt this one.

thanks in advance


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Re: what is the benefit of ec-council LPT certification

The LPT is a penetration testing certification (sort of) from EC-Council. They do not refer to it as a certification, but as a 'license.'

When you earn your LPT, you have access to proprietary EC-Council documents. This includes all the paperwork that would be involved in a penetration test, all the customer documents and such. You also receive a copy of their software to help automate the process. It allows you to add all your tools into one central location, run them from there, and then put the output back into it. It will then generate your report documentation.

As for projects and assignments, once you have earned your LPT you can apply to be a member of the EC-Council Tiger Team. I'm not too familiar with it, but from my understanding when a business contacts EC-Council about having a penetration test, they refer them to either a local member of the Tiger Team or to the Tiger Team as a whole.

Hopefully that helps get you started. I'd imagine that if you sent an email to 'info@eccouncil.org' you may get some more information.


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