Certification Path. Advice needed




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Certification Path. Advice needed

Hey all,

Im new! Seems like a great forum community you got going here. Everyone seems really nice so a credit to you all!

Now onto the serious stuff. I have been in IT now for about 5 years, im currently 24. I look after the entire cisco network at work, including the IDS's, PIX, VPN, routers and switches. I have just completed my CCNA, and am currently doing the IPS module out of CCSP. Im going to get my CCSP as work are paying for a few modules. I pressume the CCSP will take me 6 months.

I have always know I wanted to work in IT, with computers/networks but was never quite sure exactly what area. I now know. Its pen testing. Its really sparked something inside me and has me excited to learn again.

So, along with the CCSP, I would like to start another cert, but I am not sure which one. I have looked at CEH, CPTP, CISSP, and OSCP, but am really unsure which way to go. I know I will need to wait a couple more years before I can sit the CISSP as I need 5 years in security to sit that (only have 3 years under my belt). So out of CEH, CPTP, and OSCP, can anyone make any recommendations?

Also I have a rather large cisco lab (8 routers, 6 switches, PIX, IPS, Call managers, Phones, and the list goes on) at home to practice on if that helps people advise me.



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Re: Certification Path. Advice needed

of the 3 certs you mentioned, the most technical is OSCP, the best is really only relevant based on your security skill set.  OSCP really expects you to have some security basics under your belt and as its a pseudo-skills based test as opposed to a multiple choice test you really dont get alot of help during the course, you usually get told to hit up the forum or google, thats good from the "challenge me" point of view, not so good from the "teach me" point of view.

if you need the "teach me" stuff, CEH & CPTS (you put CPTP but CPTS is the cert comprable to CEH) is probably your best bet.

the above is assuming you want to learn the material, if you want the easiest cert, go take the CEH.

if you want to learn security, there are other training options out there besides the three certs you listed.  expanding your security knowledge doesnt have to revolve around certifications.  again, most of that is based on your current skill set and how deep you want to go.

hope that helps


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Re: Certification Path. Advice needed

ChrisG wrote: if you want the easiest cert, go take the CEH.


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