Rogue Anti-Ad/Spyware Lurking in the shadows...




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Rogue Anti-Ad/Spyware Lurking in the shadows...

Hey i'm new here but would like to discuss a VERY important threat facing end users who may not be very educated on the topic. Now first off, we all know that you should never download software that has not been scanned (escpecially off of questionable sites ???) But what about links? A big problem with  threats now are Javascript functions and other malicious code.
    I had a recent experince that i wanted to shed light on. I was infected by the winfixer trojan. Now I know what you are thinking...there is already a section on trojans, but here is why this topic should be exclusive...THESE TROJANS MASQUERADE AS LEGIT ANTI-SPYWARE. Now, any security-savy person would know that this isn't the case...Once you simply click on a link or in some SERIOUS cases, even just move the curson over part of the page, the Trojan load using an exploit, etc. in the browser and is now capable of fully flaunting itself. The thing is, even as security savy as I like to think I am...I somehow got the Vundo trojan about a month ago. *Google Vundo for info!
      It is so easy to be infected now with the very powerful tool that javascript is...
    What I guess im saying is that users should not only be aware of the run-of-the-mill viruses, but also popups that advertise anti-spyware and transport malicious code onto your box....
    Unfountunately, there are about 10 major evil "Anti-Spywares" out there
such as Spysherrif etc. and sadly these trojans are some of the hardest to get rid of...But that's all for now...Surf safely and give me some feedback! 


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Re: Rogue Anti-Ad/Spyware Lurking in the shadows...

I really hate the Trojans that masquerade as anti spyware.Just last month my son was using my computer and fell for one of these because it told him my computer was infected instead of getting he panicked and clicked thinking he could repair the false problem.

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