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Military preparing for "Cyberwar"

I think there was a blurb about it in Slashdot earlier.. and a number of articles are going around about it.  But finally the US armed forces are focusing more attention on using the Internet/networks and electrical systems as weapons and a battlefront.  FCW (Federal Computer Week) had a pretty good article on it this week. 

The airforce has set up their "Cyberspace Task Force", and appearently other branches are going to be taking the que and working toward having a hacker presence.  I've just been watching the articles unfold, and when I finally saw an article arrive on my desk in the FCW I figured I'd post and see what people thought.  I'm sure this will bring numerous contracting jobs for professional ethical hackers to teach, as well as provide a military service job that's a bit more intellectually fullfilling than normal grunt service. 

The article is in the Nov 26,2007 issue of FCW btw. 

Just saw this, and since it relates somewhat to my post... ... 4120071127
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