Need help getting certs.




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Need help getting certs.

Last October I nearly died from a blood infection caused by a tumor on my ear canal/skull bone, during all this I had a near fatal diabetic attack. All this has left me with rather severe diabetic neuropathy and some nasty but infrequent vertigo attacks. Most people would give up and take disability, well working since age 13 full time till now age 51, this sitting and doing nothing is driving me crazy.  In my career I was a telephone man IT guy, who's duties ranged from designing telephone systems, from small to Enterprise, and Central office sized. I have provisioned DSL Nodes, Also built a few ISP's for the owners of said. During all this I owned a Michigan State Police Licensed Detective Agency. So I have the proper skills to become some type of IT Investigator, ethical hacker, forensics something. After this illness I am left rather financially messed up. So affording the Thousands of dollars to get all the certifications is near impossible without income.
I need any help or advice I can get to make myself marketable again, either by training and or a new position that doesn't require demanding physical labor. I am quite at home on a keyboard and I am extremely bright, a conversation with me will prove that out. Being a quick study is what I do best, I have always had that rare ability to learn on the fly and learn fast. Against medical advice I have returned to working out and have made what Dr's call remarkable progress, but I still have a year to go before I will be able to do any work that requires hard physical labor.

I am desperate to do something worthwhile and productive, but I have no resources to do this. I fear being on disability, and I know I can move forward but need that opportunity. In 31 years all the work I have done has been without supervision, so being a self starter is the only thing I know. I am a team player also.

Can anyone help me figure out what I can do. I am looking for adice, valid opinions, help, and or work. I have a full working office in my home. I am ready to do something......

Thanks for reading this...



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Re: Need help getting certs.

Firstly, remarkable story, I applaud you for your strength, to be knocked down so many times and still come fighting, think I know many people including myself who need to take a page from your book.

So to business, you have done quite alot and as you said u still want more,
from the looks of things your preference is Forensics. 

There are many materials out there that you can use in this pursuit, but I think I can recommend a product for you to learn about, that I personally like, that is a bootable tools cd called Helix.  It's design is for forensics.
Check it out.

If you want to take a look at something else, (weigh the options a bit), look in our certifications tab above, there are three main subjects, read up on each one, see which one you can identify with and unleash the potential.

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