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CEH Strategy

Hi Guys,

I am planning to give CEH in next week. I underwent the course conducted by CEH. I want your valuable comments on how to successfully pass CEH exam?
Are there any specific areas which CEH targets like specific tools? specific domains etc.

Please let me know.



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Re: CEH Strategy

Hello and welcome to EH-Net tornado579 :)

If you do a search on the forums through this site (or Google), you'll come up with several posts answering this same question.

Here are a couple of quick tips anyway...

- Find out which version of the exam you'll be taking (I don't believe v4 has been retired, and there are differences in number of questions and time limit that you'll need to prepare for).

- If you haven't already in class, make sure you read through all of the Official EC-Council courseware.

- Use a study guide to prepare specifically for the exam (Have a look here for some great information about the CEH Exam Prep book, and check out this book as well). Either of these books will follow the exam objectives and give you a heads up as to the tools you'll want to be familiar with.

Hope that gets you studying :) Good luck!


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