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Something COOL

Hey all I was surffing around tring to soak in all the information i could about Netsec Ethical Hacking and Pentesting and i can to this site. I have 3 questions and one point.

I want to start in this field I just don't know where to start.  Should i start with net+ and Sec+, where do i go after that? 

With network security will i need to write code?  if so what language should i learn first.

What is a virtual Lab do i need two boxes for that?

The navy will now pay for Certifications A+ Net+ Sec+ even CISSP.  There are restricitions with Rate, i'm an RP  :(,  but if you have a job title you can work around that ie Information Assurance team member ;D. the website is https://www.cool.navy.mil/


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Re: Something COOL

Hi Srferby and welcome to the EH-Net community! I'm sure you've already noticed what great tutorials, posts, articles and other information can be found within this site.

The quick answers to your questions are to start with some foundational networking and security skills if you're looking to get into penetration testing. You will most likely have to write some form of code (at some point), but you could also go along using other programs that are already built and don't require any programming knowledge. However, it'll make you that much better at the job. No, you do not need two computers to run a virtual system, just a decent amount of memory. I would recommend at the minimum, 1GB. This should allow you to have at least one virtual Windows computer and probably a virtual Linux system running at the same time. If you can afford it, I would go with 2GB RAM. Have a look at the software available from VMware.

Hope that gives you the quick solutions you're looking for. If you using the search functionality of the forums, you'll find plenty of other posts with some more in-depth answers to your questions, along with tutorials for setting up virtual environments, etc.

Again, welcome and thanks for joining :)

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