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Linux - You Can Do It!

Here's an article by PC Mag that I thought would be of interest. I haven't been through every page, but it seemed as though it would be helpful to a number of EH-Net readers that are looking to jump into this field:

If you haven't tested the Linux waters yet, now's the time. In this starter guide—and in step-by-step instructions—we'll help you every inch of the way And you don't have to give up using Windows.

By Neil Randall

Linux is hot again. In fact, there's never been a better time for Microsoft Windows users to give Linux a whirl. The OS is more usable than ever, easier to install, and more compatible with PC hardware. It still helps to be somewhat tech-savvy to get the most out of Linux, but that's no longer a major requirement. If you're reading this magazine, you already have what it takes.

Not long ago, Linux seemed ready to make a serious dent in the supremacy of Windows on the PC desktop. Corporations had begun to adopt it, and consumer versions appeared that removed much of the Unix-based operating system's oft-discussed user-unfriendliness. Suddenly, installing Linux and getting a PC's hardware to work was no longer solely the province of techies: Pretty well anyone could install it, work with it, and even use it regularly.

That was a few years ago. Since then, Linux's fortunes have waxed and waned—mostly waned—but development of this open-source OS and its open-source applications have continued apace. This year, something else has happened that always seems to spur interest in alternative OSs: Microsoft released a new OS of its own. Possibly because upgrading to Vista costs money, or maybe just because getting a new OS reawakens PC users' enjoyment of experimenting with new software, Linux is cool again.

With the tips and resources we give you in this story, you'll be better acquainted with Linux and have the guts to get started. We'll set you up with the right distro for beginners, a slew of apps, and valuable tips to keep you on track. But that's not all! When you're ready, hop online for step-by-step instructions in our Linux Installation Guide ( And in our Solutions section, we launch a regular page devoted to Linux. In this issue, we guide you on dual-booting Windows and Linux.—next: Is Linux Really Free?,1759,2177657,00.asp

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Re: Linux - You Can Do It!

I had a quick look through the article. There is some points that i agree and some others that i disagree.
For example Linux was always hot (Linux is hot again. as the author says)!!! : )
Its true that the last years  some distributions they are becoming friendlier to the simple pc user(ubuntu, fedora, suse, etc),they support games, cad applications, video applications,they are extremely easy to install,etc. But still there is some things that they require some experience and some time to work in linux.

In my opinion things are starting to getting better , but it will require some more time before we say that it is as easy in use as windows.


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Re: Linux - You Can Do It!

Actually some distros like Ubuntu are just as easy to use as windows if you just work with supported apps, etc... I am starting to see some total computer noobs working with linux just fine. They read their email, organize their photo albums, write their documents with open office no problem.  Linux might seem complicated to some new to security because we hackers try and make it do all kinds of weird things. Things like running hacked drivers and doing things outside the normal use of TCP/IP. 



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Re: Linux - You Can Do It!

Linux is a must for any serious admin or pen tester today, and it's becoming more and more popular. Actually when the school bought new computers the IT personnel wanted Linux, but the management made them go with Vista :(. So the right title should be "Linux is hotter then ever!"

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