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[Article]-Sept 2007 Free Giveaway Sponsor - Offensive Security

This self-paced traiing is getting a lot of buzz in the industry, and we'll jazzed about being able to offer it as a prize to the top contributors on EH-Net.

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Win Free Training from Offensive Security Worth $1550!! course if you were going to do some in-person instructor-led training, you've already registered for ChicagoCon 2007, right? ;-) But not everyone can afford a boot camp, the travel or the time. That's why there's offerings from companies like Offensive Security. You can now train online from the same crew that brought you BackTrack. We will have 2 lucky winners this month, so there's plenty of opportunity for EH-Net members to make their mark in the forums. The top winner will receive the best Offensive Security 101 Package Deal including the Offsec 101 Course, 60 days of lab access and a certification try for OSCP. The top contributor will also be awarded with OffSec's latest and greatest course, the Offensive Security Wireless Attacks AKA "Backtrack WiFu" Package Deal with the course and cert try for OSWP (Discuss this cert in the new OSWP Board). A lucky second winner will receive the Offensive Security Package only.

Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie... quality is more important than quantity.

Only members are eligible!
Registration Is FREE!

Good luck to all Members as they scramble to get into position to win this great prize,