Post Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:54 pm

10% Off All ChicagoCon 2007 Boot Camps!

I know it's last minute, but now that our Early Registration Discount has ended, we now have a little more wiggle room, AND...

As a gesture of thanks for all of the support given to me by the EH-Net Members, how does this grab you?

10% Off All ChicagoCon 2007 Boot Camps for EH-Net Members!

Keep in mind that you are NOT required to bring your own computers. Those are provided for you along with breakfast, lunch & dinner, all study materials, admission to the morning keynotes and evening presentations (similar to Black Hat), CTF exercises with Core IMPACT, and the attendee bags full of goodies including t-shirts, books and a Special ChicagoCon Edition of BackTrack2 (with Metasploit 3 all packaged as a VMware Appliance). Of course the certification exam is included in the price.

The only caveat is that you must PM me through this site to qualify. I'll see you in Chicago!!

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