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[Article]-Serenity Hack - Answers & Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries as your hard work to play a game is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged.  ;)

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Before I thank Mr. Matthew Carpenter for his excellent work, let me thank the EH-Net members and readers for being patient. Between our regular work duties, a trip to Vegas for Black Hat and DefCon, and organizing our inaugural effort, ChicagoCon, we were all a little behind schedule. Now that Matt's first venture in challenge land is complete, he now has a good idea of what Ed and the Intelguardians crew go through on a regular basis. It's truly not an easy task to go through all of those entries and pick winners, but pick them he has.

And now for the bad news... Ed is one tired puppy. So we are going to take a break for a little while. Only a month or so to give Ed an opportunity to catch up on his own life. So I guess we'll all have to be on our best behavior as we give the Intelguardians a well deserved rest after more than a year of new challenges. But I'm not sure Ed knows how to do that as he asks (hint for the next challenge), "I'm scared Don, will I dream?"

Cheers to our host, Ed Skoudis of Intelguardians[br /]
& Author of Counter Hack Reloaded

Congrats and thanks again to Ed and Intelguardians,