12 IT Skills Employers Want



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12 IT Skills Employers Want

Here's a short article on IT skills that employers are looking for now and will be growing in the future.

Full Article - Global Knowledge

Security Excerpt:
10) Embedded security
Security professionals have been in high demand in recent years, but today, according to Schmidt, there's a surge in employers looking for security skills and certifications in all their job applicants, not just the ones for security positions.

"In virtually every job description I've seen in the last six months, there's been some use of the word security in there," he says. "Employers are asking for the ability to create a secure environment, whether the person is running the e-mail server or doing software development. It's becoming part of the job description."

This, Schmidt says, mirrors the trend toward integrating security into companies' day-to-day operations rather than considering it an add-on role performed by a specialist. Companies will still need security specialists and subject-matter experts, Schmidt says, but more and more, every IT person a company hires will have to have an understanding of the security ramifications of his area.

Hopkins echoes that sentiment. "Every single certification we do now has an element of security built in," he says. "We keep getting feedback from the market researchers that security touches everything and everyone. Even an entry-level technician better understand security."

Saunders says DeVry University has responded to this demand by adding a security curriculum to some of its campuses throughout the U.S. "Companies are increasingly interested in protecting their assets against cyberterrorism and internal threats," he says.


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Re: 12 IT Skills Employers Want

Nice article, it's good to know what employers are looking for in someone working in the IT field.
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