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[Article]-ChicagoCon to Put the Windy City Back on IT Map

Here is an extended version of the press release on PRWeb:

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Presented by the Ethical Hacker Network, ChicagoCon combines a professional security conference, certification training and a hacker con into a single, unique event from September 17 - 23, 2007.


Westchester, IL (PRWEB) July 23, 2007 -- Presented by the Ethical Hacker Network (EH-Net) and its parent company, The Digital Construction Company (TDCC), ChicagoCon is poised to become the premier security event in the industry by bringing together the biggest names in education and certification under one roof for a week of security training like no other. With boot-camp style, hands-on classroom training, ChicagoCon will host 11 courses featuring a cross-section of the security landscape. From the novice, to the ultimate techie to those reaching for the CISO chair... everyone interested in a career in security will find something at ChicagoCon, your one-stop shop for security training and certification.

The city of broad shoulders was once the king of the hill when it came to technology conferences. Even before the death of COMDEX, the show had abandoned our city. Many others have left for warmer climates and more supportive communities. Since that time, security has taken the IT world by storm and rightfully so. Chicago has a great community of security professionals, and it's time for that community to come together to bring high caliber events back to the Windy City.

Although this event may not be everything that everyone desires, it is the best formula at this point to get big names back in Chicago. Please throw your support towards this event as its success dictates if we can proceed with our plans of not only having the event twice a year but also adding the ability to allow everyone to attend the keynotes and presentations for a very small fee.

We do have to walk before we can crawl, and we can use everyone's support.