A whole new family of exploits




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A whole new family of exploits

This article indicates that there may be a whole new family of exploits about to hit the streets.


The poc is going to be shown next week at the Black Hat Security Briefings in Las Vegas - anyone on here going ?.

The annoying thing is that the exploit is built around a vulnerability in IIS5 that was notified to MS in Dec 2005 - how slack is that !


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Re: A whole new family of exploits

Well the threat is already been patched. Inge Henriksen had reported the vulnerability.

Click here to read his blog.

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Re: A whole new family of exploits

There's no indication that these exploits are in the wild, but once hackers on both sides get their heads around this there's likely to be a slew of them. This harkens back to the notion that format string vulnerabilities were unexploitable.

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