new and need some help =]




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new and need some help =]

I'm new to hacking, and I've been doing some research.
I'm trying to learn how to hack wireless internet. The network is my neighbors :P he is using WEP, I'm pretty sure.

Can someone give me a little tutorial on doing so? or just some tips? anything will do =]

I'm not really familiar with any linux distributions so thats out of the question.
I'm using Windows XP SP2 32-bit. and my wireless adapter is a D-Link WDA-1320

if mentioning any of the above is against the rules in anyway... tell me and I'll edit it

thanks :)


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Re: new and need some help =]

Hacking your neighbor's wireless is not only against the rules as you put it, but it's against the law. If you want to practice, setup your own wireless AP and crack it. This way, you're not breaking the law, you're learning and you can change all of the security settings and do it many times.

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Re: new and need some help =]

How is your neighbour going to react when they find out you've been abusing their wireless network? You've got to live next to them after all. You can be arrested and punished for this, and it's totally against the ethic of this site.

To paint a worst case scenario, just suppose your neighbour is doing something awful with their net connection like downloading CP. Not only are you potentially at risk from being implicated you could introduce reasonable doubt into any case brought against them and see a paedophile walk free. To my knowledge this has happened IRL.



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Re: new and need some help =]

man you're logged into EH.net
this place is full of information and useful resources but dont misuse them.
if you want to use the neighbor's network only to go online, that's OK. But dont intrude in his privacy.

Try to find out the manufaturer of the AP, your neighbor uses.
That helps. Cause the only way your neighbor will know that you're using his network is thru the DHCP client list. And if you assign a static IP Address to the wireless adapter, you wont have to rely on his DHCP. Thats the reason, if you get to know the manufacturer it will be very useful. If its a Linksys router, you can use an IP Address of the range : 192.168.1.x (x= 2 to 255). If its Netgear, try 192.168.0.x. And so on.

Try Airsnort.
Click here for more info on airsnort.

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Re: new and need some help =]

If the neighbor has wep, the only way you can join his network is to hack it. That is clearly against the law.  Even if he didn’t have wep, many States consider it illegal to join even an open network without clear permission.  Some call it an unauthorized association to a network and others call it a theft of bandwidth. Remember he is paying for his bandwidth and you’re taking it without permission.  Even if a hacker has no ethics about this and wants to do it, he should at least understand the consequences if he gets caught. Since 9/11, new laws are in play and in some cases hacking can be seen as an act of terrorism.  Oh and don’t think you cant be found if you are living next door and hanging on his wifi  all hours of the day. That’s too easy for someone that knows what they are doing.  And you never know when someone like me gets a call to check it out and now your busted.


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Re: new and need some help =]

If you here in the US here is a link to the Computer Hacking and Unauthorized Access Laws http://www.ncsl.org/programs/lis/cip/hacklaw.htm

Also keep in mind that with the Patriot Act in some cases there is no need for warrants and you may be declared a cyber terrorist. I always say if you don't have it in writing don't do it unless your willing to face the consequences.


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Re: new and need some help =]

Illegal :[
Sorry mate
but yeah like said before, set up your own wireless network and practice hacking that.

I have an extra linksys sitting around so I practice on that with new OS's.

Safest way to learn about network security.



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Re: new and need some help =]

If you are on good therms with him you could ask him for access, and permission to, not hack, but test the security.


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Re: new and need some help =]

1. Google! There are loads of tuts on cracking wep/wpa, etc...

2. Get Linux!

3. If you are adamant about using windows for this then you need to download the Aircrack-ng suite of tools. They have a Windows version. The problem is that you don't get any packet injection capabilities on windows regardless of the card, so gathering enough packets (IVs) is going to take some time on a quiet link. If you want to be able to inject packets on windows your easiest option is to get the airpcap usb adapter from CACE and use it with the airpcap version of Aircrack-ng.

Also, while I know that the Linux version has integrated the new PTW attack, I'm not sure about the Windows version. I would assume so. This is a FAST way to crack WEP but currently it only works with ARP request/response packets. Easy to generate with aireplay (part of the suite) on linux.

So assuming you have enough weak IVs collected the cmdline string is :

aircrack -q -n (key length) -b (bssid) capture.cap

once you have cracked the key you can either use wireshark and insert the key to read the decrypted packets or use airdecap to decrypt them.

If you only have a windows box at home I would suggest getting a copy of BackTrack. It has all the tools you need. Just boot into it.

Also, check the Aircrack-ng site to make sure your card is compatible. it really should not be a problem though. Also, they have some sample packet dumps for testing.

Oh, and the other posts are correct. It is now illegal to use another persons bandwidth (wireless or otherwise) without permission. Whether or not you'll get caught is another question.


BTW, this post is pretty much a copy/paste of the one I posted on LSO about the same topic. So google!  :)


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Re: new and need some help =]

Taking all legal considerations out of the equation, what if your neighbor didn't have your best interset at heart?  It is not unheard of that black hats will put up unencrypted or poorly encrypted AP as a fishing net.  Even though you think you are benefitting from free bandwidth, the black hat is actually getting his money's worth taking over your machine. 

If you tread lightly, and respect other people's property you have the best chance of not being compromised.  The laws have changed (alot) and transgressions which were ignored a few years ago are now a major issue.

See Dean's post: google, learn and if you can afford it, seek training in a controlled lab environment. If you post enough here, you may get a free ride for the wi-fi course from Offensive Security!


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Re: new and need some help =]

Why is it that every new hacker start with an idea of causing harm to others have you forgotten the popular saying "love your neighbors as your self"
meaning you have to learn how hack your self before hacking  your neighbors.

i am very sure that if you had wrote that you are trying to hack into your own WEP enabled WRouter or AP there are people her ever ready to help you with but since u had a personal intention u asked the question straight.
hacking is like a gun how you use it depends on yourself but what ever happens don't let anyone "the law" call call you a murderer.

check this site out and be prepared to read a lot www.insecure.org
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