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SANS GSEC - Book Study

Hi all,

I am considering studying for the SANS GSEC exam from a study book however Amazon has a book called "The GSEC Prep Guide: Mastering SANS GIAC Security Essentials" which was published in 2003 and the other book was published in 2002.  I am going to assume that both books are out of date however I do not know this for sure.

Does anybody have any idea if these books cover what is required by the exam ? Surely the exam would of been updated by SANS making the study books well out of date.. Is a more upto study book available ? If anybody recently passed their exam from a study book, I'd love to know which books you worked from.

Which study book is better ?

SANS GIAC Certification: Security Essentials Toolkit (Gsec)
ISBN-10: 0789727749 ISBN-13: 978-0789727749

The GSEC Prep Guide: Mastering SANS GIAC Security Essentials
ISBN-10: 0764539329 # ISBN-13: 978-0764539329

Also is anybody has any general guidance, thoughts, criticisms, on the SANS GSEC, i'd like to know.



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Re: SANS GSEC - Book Study

Check the GIAC website. I'm pretty sure for the GSEC that it lists the objectives of that course. Compare that to what the books cover and that should give you an idea of how up-to-date they are.


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Re: SANS GSEC - Book Study

you can also just buy the books from SANS. pricey, but you know it will cover the objectives fully.

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