Post Wed May 16, 2007 11:39 pm

start your own business to build experince?

Hello all,
Like most people on this site, I’m very interested in pursuing a career in information security. I have about 10 years of solid IT experience focusing mostly on telecom. I’ve had some exposure to information security in enterprise environments.

My interest in technology goes back to my early childhood (20 years now). I'm definitely obsessed with technology particularly security and insecurity.

While I build my education and obtain some more certs I was thinking of starting my own security business on the side. Focusing on small business who can't neassarly afford to hire KPMG or PWC to audit their systems and help improve security.

Has anyone here gone down this road? Any advice? I know that I need to see a lawyer to come up with some sort of template legal agreement. I should probably look at insurance as well.
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