Post Sat May 12, 2007 12:44 am

GFI Releases Free Online Tool - EndPointScan

EndPointScan is an industry-first, free online service that allows anyone to check what devices are or have been connected to computers on their network and by whom. Using this diagnostic tool, one can identify those areas where the use of portable storage devices could pose a risk to the integrity of the company’s systems and data.

Scan Your Network for Devices Online
Are you aware of all the devices – USB sticks, CDs, floppies, smartphones, MP3 players, handhelds, iPods, digital cameras – that have been connected to your network? As an administrator, do you know how many employees have been using or are using portable storage devices at the moment? Monitoring your network for these devices is not only time-consuming but nearly impossible to do manually. With GFI’s free web utility EndPointScan you can actually check within minutes what devices are or have been connected to computers in your network and by whom!

Often the weakest link in security is not the technology but the people who use it. The extensive use of portable storage devices on your network can expose it to unintentional and malicious security threats and result in data theft, virus attacks, legal complications and loss of productivity. Knowing what devices are on your network today is the first step towards minimizing these risks.

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