Post Thu May 10, 2007 12:40 pm

Really Cool!!

Just finished yesterday, 1st new round of chemo. (I had finished my last round of chemo back in July 06). 5 1/2 hours with a needle. I hate needles, yuck. Amazingly, I can bend my knee more than I could before. I'm actually feeling better! Have to do chemo again next Wednesday, then weekly. I forget for how long.

So inbetween, I've found some time to install the ISO I had laying around of BackTrack 2.0 final. This is REALLY a great prgram to have! Installed onto a CD, it is a combination of WHAX and Auditor, based on Slackware. It loads up in no time, even on my bottom-of-the-pile-but-maxed-out-as-much-as-can-be Inspiron 1000. loads up in 1024x768, so it looks great.

This thing comes with so many tools installed, I may not need to carry around all my other disks I have, Auditor, Helix, etc.

BackTrack comes with Pen testing tools, Konsole, Firefox, Adobe, all kinds of neat stuff. Now I need to see about installing it into a VMware virtual machine. Got a few other things I need to do first. I re-sell identity theft protection software, and I have a potential client I need to pursue with that.

I HEARTILY recommend anyone out there to install BackTrack 2.0 Final. Download the ISO file, and then burn it to a CD. You won't be sorry!
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