[Article]-Charlotte`s Web Site - Answers and Winners



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[Article]-Charlotte`s Web Site - Answers and Winners

Just in case you haven't seen this on our front page:

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Seeing as though Ed Skoudis is not only the host of the Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge, but he also wrote this one. So, I figured I would break from the norm and introduce this one myself. Why you ask? Doesn't Ed do a good enough job? Of course he does. What Ed will not do is toot his own horn. That's where I step in. The effort Ed puts into these challenges is indicative of who Ed is as a person. He does not get paid by EH-Net. All he gets are links back to his company, a mention of his work with SANS and maybe a few more of his books get sold. Yet when he writes a challenge, it is thought provoking, has depth beyond just the narrative and above all shows off his sense of humor. When the challenge is complete, he goes even further by offering insights into his thought process (which should interest all EH-Net readers) and windows into his creativity which is evidenced by the details contained in this article. So Ed... here's to you, my friend. TOOT TOOT!! Or should we say OINK OINK!!

And now onto the answer and winners. Drum roll please...

Salutations!  It’s time to announce answers and winners of our Charlotte’s Web Site challenge.  Let me start by saying that you guys submitted Some Answers.  They were Terrific!  Radiant!  Some of them were even (dare I say it?) Humble.  And, for the fans of the Charlotte’s Web book, a lot were Pre-shrunk and Crunchy.

--Ed Skoudis,
SANS Instructor
Author of Counter Hack Reloaded

Add your own congratulations to the winners and be sure to show your appreciation for Ed's work,



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Re: [Article]-Charlotte`s Web Site - Answers and Winners

Ed does great work. His classes are great too.

I kept wondering about those "Geography Ants", but it never clicked.

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