CEH Advice and Update




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CEH Advice and Update

hello room,
I am new here, and would be writing my CEH b4 the end of april less than 5 weeks. i have read couple of books, ceh e-manual, que publishiling april 2006,cbt nugget, learnkey, tk and AT.is there any advice or update  u have for me before i go for the exam. area of concentration, what to expect and what not to expet. tips and soon. please i would love ur responses as early as possible.


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Re: CEH Advice and Update

Welcome and thanks for joining EH-Net. Hopefully you'll hang with us long after you PASS your CEH exam.

Hope you don't mind me recommending my own article, but try this:

Assuming you have at least some practical experience, then my very next piece of advice is take the exam NOW! If you've read the books, watched the videos, reviewed test questions... you're ready. Take it before you lose any of the small details you just attained and before your confidence shakes.

Hope this helps,



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Re: CEH Advice and Update

I have to agree with Don on that one! if the test is anything like when i took it, the small stuff will rip ya in half. and always remember they like to put a question in there and in a couple questions later give you the answer in another question. Yes the back button was my friend.so if its fresh on your mind youll do just fine.
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