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Hi I am new to this forum

I am currently studying for my CCNA and have three years experience as a Network Admiistrator. I am looking to specialize in the security field.

Once I get my CCNA I want to do one of the five day penetration testing training/certifications followed by the CISSP. However I cannot decide between the OPST (Open Security Penetration Tester) from OSSTMM or the CPTS from mile2.

I know many people here have done the CPTS but does anyone have any experience with the OPST certification

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I have emailed with Pete Herzog a bunch about the cert.  the issue for most of the people i have talked with in the states is that the training & testing can be hard to come by here.  i havent taken or seen the courseware and there isnt a list of objectives except to say it covers how to use the OSSTMM to conduct an audit.  it has a practical hands on exam which speaks volumes to what it "should" be testing and any time i have spoken with a OPST/OPSA they speak highly of the course and test.

there are plenty of threads about the CPTS here in the forum so that should give you most of the background you need.

that probably does little to really answer your question though so...

if i had to choose, i would pick OPST, the training issue above is the only reason i havent.  i would love to take the training and sit for the exam though.

hope that helps

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