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AnalogX PacketMon allows you to capture IP packets that pass through your network interface - whether they originated from the machine on which PacketMon is installed, or a completely different machine on your network! Once the packet is received, you can use the built in viewer to examine the header as well as the contents, and you can even export the results into a standard comma-delimited file to importing into your favorite program. As if that's not enough, PacketMon has a powerful rule system that allows you to narrow down the packets it captures to ensure you get EXACTLY what you're after, without tons of unrelated information. Please note, PacketMon is currently only available for Win2000/XP ONLY.

http://www.analogx.com/contents/downloa ... k/pmon.htm




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Re: PacketMon

Nice. Not as functional as Wireshark since it lacks the protocol analyser goodies but it's a fraction of the size.


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