Post Fri May 24, 2013 11:18 am

Symbolic Exploit Assistant project is looking for collaborators


I'm  asking for help/collaboration from the community to
expand and improve our tool called "Symbolic Exploit Assistant" (SEA) for assisted exploit
generation of binary programs.

In a few words, this tool starts with a path in a disassembled binary
represented with an abstract intermediate language (we start supporting REIL)
to generate and solve SMT constraints according to the user request.
If the solver finds a solution, the values for the input variables can be used to
exploit the path of the program selected.

Of course, SEA is not state of the art but a few examples from
Gera's Insecure Programming ( can be "solved".

We tried to look for other open source and public tools like SEA, but we
couldn't find any. We believe that there should be completely open tools
that help people to find vulnerabilities easier and quicker.
We don't like the idea that only some companies and governments have
access to such tools. This is a very small step in the direction
of the democratisation of the access to exploitation tools.

Finally, we ask the community for help to do research, development and
implementation of SEA in order to build a tool to perform binary

The code and some documentation is available in: