I need help buying a card for sniffing web codes




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I need help buying a card for sniffing web codes

I am a heavy web surfer, 65 years old, retired, quite familiar with Windows enough to help my fellow neighbours with their computer problems, I like electronic gadgets and like to try things for hobby. I have tried to use Advisor to play around and try to crack web codes for fun.
I have read all kind of articles on the subject. Have chosen 2 cards from the recommended list of supposedly compatible lunix cards available at Chipset directory available by Absolute Value System Inc. so I bought a Linksys WPC11 ver 3 and Microsoft wireless B Adaptor MN-510.
First deception, the Linksys WPC11 ver 3 does not work with Aireplay and the Adaptor MN-510 does not get in Monitor mode. So I never got far with this equipment and never got more than a few hundred IV’s after hours of monitoring traffic.
I have try BackTrack, the last October version and with that software none of my 2 cards are even recognized by BackTrack…… So I got nowhere again.
I am in the process to get another card… Don’t laugh at me, please. I will explain my logic and would appreciate help from you ¨Experts¨ at least compare to me.
My choice are between the following :
1) Senao NL-2511 CD, this card in highly recommended and I saw the video ¨Cracking web codes in 10 Minutes¨ and they have used this card. But this is a wireless B card so would that means it cannot read a router running in G mode only??? I am not sure about that. But at least this card apparently is fully compatible with Advisor, not sure about BackTrack.
2) Netgear WG511T Athenos, this card is B and G so this is a plus but I read the new card on the market sometimes don’t have the right chip. Not sure if this card is compatible with Advisor and BackTrack???
3) Atheros Proxim 8470WD, this card is B and G but not sure if compatible with Advisor and BackTrack.
4) Ubiquiti 300MW card, this card is a favorite with many people but I have’nt read any threads stating  this card work with Advisor or BackTrack without playing with drivers which I am not familiar with.
5) Airpcap, this gadget apparently work with Cain & Abel to crack web codes and all on Windows but I couldn’t find any confirmation from anyone on any sites confirming they succeeded cracking web codes with Airpcap. The plus with this gadget on top of cracking web codes can be used to analyse traffic on your own network with a lot of possibilities.
In conclusion, I am ready to spend the needed money to get the proper card. I have limited knowledge about Linux, so I am looking forward to buy a card that will work with Advisor or BackTrack without having to play with the content of the CD, meaning the drivers are already on the CD. But if someone could confirm that Airpcap work to crack web codes then I would go that route.
I realise this is a long post and I hope that you can help me in my decision to buy the proper card.
Thanks in advance.


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Re: I need help buying a card for sniffing web codes

Choosing the right hardware for WEP cracking is a very common question and there's a lot of information out there. I'd check out the forums and dodcumentation at the Kismet web site (http://www.kismetwireless.net/).

I have a Netgear WG511T and it works with kismet/aireplay but I've had intermittent problems with it on backtrack, so my advice would be to consider a different card. I understand the prism chipset is well supported and is worth considering.



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Re: I need help buying a card for sniffing web codes

I have used the Senao NL-2511 CD with backtrack and other live CDs with no problem. Cracking a G router is not a problem because most home G routers allow B. You might end up having to buy 3 or more good cards so you can pick  the one that works better in certain situations, depending on the task and range, etc...  For cracking WEP, auditor is my choice as far as a live CD goes and the drivers are good to go:
http://www.ethicalhacker.net/component/ ... ic,1112.0/

PS- thats awesome you are 65 and interested in this.

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