fix a wifi switch on a vaio




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fix a wifi switch on a vaio

Hello I have broken the wifi switch of a vaio vpceb1a4e: it isn't connected to the wifi adapter anymore.
I don't know how it happenend but after I reassembled my pc switch was alone without connections...and I don't know how the missing piece looks like: the wifi switch is just alone.

______wi fi adapter____________

Can you help me?


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Re: fix a wifi switch on a vaio

A random question - however:

Some laptops have an option in the BIOS to enable or disable the use of the WIFI switch to turn the WIFI On/Off (For Security).

You might be able to turn the WIFI On in the BIOS, and disable the use of the external switch - enabling your WIFI again.

Alternately if that doesn't work - disable the WIFI in the Operating System and buy yourself a cheap WIFI USB Adaptor.

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