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CEH exam simulation


What exam simulation is better the Ucertify.com or Boson.com?

I've been studying on and off including the OSCP (I did not attempt the exam yet), so material is not the issue. 
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Re: CEH exam simulation

Honestly, I've used neither.  Did you use any of the official material to study CEH?  If so, and if you've studied for OSCP, as well, I'd like to think you'll be fine.  IMHO, the CEH exam was not that difficult, and I'd taken it solely from reviews of the courseware, and long before I did OSCP.

Apologies I can't recommend one versus the other, to you, from those choices.
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Re: CEH exam simulation

I bought the CEH ExSim from Boson in 2007 (paid $49.95, I see that it's now $99) and I found it to be OK, never tried Ucertify though. But that was many years ago and I don't know how good the exam simulator is now . I did the CEH via self study and the exam simulator was just a tool to reinforce what I had learnt and I never used it that much, I think I only tried the exam simulation twice. I agree with Hayabusa, if you have studied for the OSCP and have CEH material and know the CEH material you shouldn't have a problem with the exam.

Afterall, you have a 25% chance of passing the multiple guess exam  ;)
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