SQL Injection Decoding




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SQL Injection Decoding

Hello all,

I'm having an issue decoding some SQL injection attacks. I've put them through a few decoders, but haven't come up with anything that makes sense.

Has anyone had any luck with certain tools or sites that assist with decoding? I've tried a few, but was curious of your experience on doing this. Sometimes I see things are encoded multiple times.



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Re: SQL Injection Decoding

There are literally TONS of good sites for doing encode / decode on strings.  Just depends on the format / encoding type you're using.

A couple of examples:

URL encoding:

Base 64:



I could go on for days. Perhaps if there's a certain format you're looking for?

As far as muti-encoded, if you don't know what the multi- steps / formats are, and if they don't appear obvious, then at that point, it's largely trial and error...
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Re: SQL Injection Decoding

@matt81 Are you able to provide an anonymized example of one the attacks?

I'm pretty sure someone here will be able to figure it out, or at least enjoy the challenge. ;)
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