Trying to become well rounded - Learning Blue Team skills



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Trying to become well rounded - Learning Blue Team skills

I'm currently a Malware Analyst/Reverse Engineer.  I also have some experience in Network/Web App Penetration Testing, exploit development. 

Before I got a job doing this stuff I read a few good books on the subject, paid to get a few certifications, got my degree. 

I would like to round out my security skills with more of the defensive/Blue Team/incident response skills.  I'm aware that no one can be an expert in every area but I would like to be at least a little familiar in these areas. 

Is there any good resources for this?  I know I could fork out the money for some SANS classes but I would rather not do that.  I've pre-ordered richard bejtlich new book Practical Network Monitoring that should be out this July.  Any other good resources like this to get a good understanding and practical application?




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Re: Trying to become well rounded - Learning Blue Team skills

http://www.amazon.com/Security-Engineer ... ngineering is pretty solid. There's also a free version online: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/book.html

All of Bejtlich's other books are pretty good reads as well. I'm not sure how much the new one will encompass the other material.

A great way to learn would be to setup vulnerable systems in a virtual lab, exploit them, and harden them. Capture and review all the logs, network traffic, etc.
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